Episode 26: 2020 Oscars

It’s been quite a hiatus, we know. But we are still around, still talking cinema, and still working the podcast life. Join Sean, Seth and John as (just under the …

Episode 22: The Lion King

Sean and Trevor discuss the heroes journey, the mystical and the significant impact 1994’s The Lion King has made in their lives and how dear it is to their hearts.

Episode 21: Enneagram 2 – Magnolia

Sean and Seth discuss Paul Thomas Anderson, long movies, the broken world and all kinds of people in it. Specifically, Enneagram Type 2 kind of person–the warm, caring, generous people-person …

Episode 19: Hook

Sean, Seth and Victor talk about making movies, watching movies, growing up together and growing up together and growing up well in our latest episode.

Episode 17: Game of Thrones

After 8 seasons worth of battles, dragons, politics and betrayals, HBO’s Game of Thrones concludes with a total of 6 episodes. Sean, Seth and Jubal discuss the characters, their arcs …